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31 Minutes

for Peace Challenge

For 31 Days

Enough time to break old habits and start new ones.  Start at the beginning of a month or whenever works best for you.

Take 31 Minutes

Set aside your work, worries and devices.  Find a quiet place where you can take the time for an experience.

For Peace

Meditation, prayer, devotion, quiet time, reading, reflection, walking in nature, whatever brings you deeper into peace.

Ask a Friend or Group to Join You!


Recent Blog Posts

Day 31. Challenge Complete.

I can think of no greater birthday present than people trying their best to notice the Holy Ordinary and acknowledging the world around them with radical gratitude.

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Praying With What We Have

Sometimes when I sit down to pray I can become bored. I’ve also discovered distractions can easily invade my quiet space when the activity of my prayer feels tedious. There are two prayers I often go to when my prayer is feeling dull or stale. I call them “bored-busting” prayers.

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The Half-Hour Sabbath

One of the (many) unique parts of working at a camp all summer is the lack of a weekend. The kids remain and so too does the staff. This is a new and strange reality for me, not having the familiar mark that ends one week and the beginning of another. I have noticed in myself an increased hunger for a Sabbath, in the true spiritual sense of the word, a holy day of rest.

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