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Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

~ A Course in Miracles

From Zac SacBe:

It is important when taking time for meditation and prayer to understand the Source of the Peace we seek and find.  For Peace exists as an unchanging state independent of the day to day activities we observe in this world.  Through meditation and prayer we do not seek to find Peace in this world of never ending change and dis-ease.  We find it at it’s Source.

This is why so many meditation and prayer practices involve removing distractions.  We learn to breath and sit quietly or walk in nature.  We clear our minds and let go of thoughts of our day to day activities.  We Forgive ourselves and others of times that have seemingly brought pain.  When we do this, we find ourselves melting into Peace.

It can create some cognitive dissonance to realize that Peace exists all of the time.  What if something happens in this world of change that we believe warrants anger, sadness, guilt or fear?  Do we choose to stop experiencing eternal Peace so that we can experience getting upset about something?  What about the times we don’t actually feel Peace but we’re still aware that it exists out there somewhere?  These thoughts can occur even during our times of meditation and prayer!

For these reasons, let us be gently vigilant with ourselves.  Let us use inspiring times, like a 31 Days for Peace Challenge, to establish healthy habits where we take more time to meditate and pray regularly.  Over time, let us nurture our desire for Peace, because if we’re honest, there are times we don’t act like we want Peace at all, even though deep down, of course we do 😉

Don’t worry if your life and the world around you don’t seem at peace.  Chances are, they won’t.  Remember, the Source of Peace is not of this world.  It can shine into this world and be represented here to an extent.  But nothing in this world is eternal and unchanging therefore nothing here will ever truly reflect the Peace you can feel within from meditation and prayer.  For the Source of Peace and the Source of Who We Are is the same.  We are not of this world, even if we seem in it.

Give yourself permission and encouragement to go deeper into your connection with Peace.  Share the practice with someone else to strengthen it.  And, Peace Be With Us All 🙂